About FPI

Filtration Parts Inc. was established in 2016 as a single source for cores, end caps, and carbon blocks for the filtration industry. Begun as a Start up, Filtration Parts has expanded production capabilities to accommodate the needs of the market. It has expanded beyond parts and piece to now provide complete OEM production for the Retail and Industrial Markets.

Our Story

Providing Filtration Services Since 2016

Filtration Parts Inc. manufactures injection molded parts, melt blown medias, and carbon block tubes for the filtration market. We have extensive manufacturing capacity in terms of molds and presses to meet the market’s need for cages, cores & end caps. We will collaborate to develop custom parts.

Our wide array of polypropylene and polyester medias provide a complete range for pleated separation and clarification filtration. We manufacture 15 standard I.D. / O.D. combinations of carbon block filter tubes with our state of the art extruders.

We can be prepared to manufacture to unique customer required dimensions within a few weeks. We are willing to work with customers to help them develop extruded tubes utilizing various resins and filter aids.

At Filtration Parts Inc., our emphasis is on quick response and communication, delivery according to your schedule, and product performance that exceeds.

Full Service, Quality
Filtration Services

Filtration Parts Inc. is a manufacturing company specializing in injection molding plastic parts and extruding carbon blocks for the filtration industry. Based in Rensselaer Indiana, the combined manufacturing capabilities along with the ability to do final production assembly makes Filtration Parts the perfect Filtration Partner.


513 N Melville, Rensselaer, Indiana 47978